Best Pickleball Skirts & Skorts with Pockets: Top 7 Picks (2023)

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Are you hunting for the best pickleball skirts and skorts with pockets for your game? Whether you’re just starting or have been serving aces for years, finding the right gear can boost your comfort and confidence on the court.

Our top 7 picks for 2024 combine style, functionality, and the all-important addition of pockets! These options ensure you’re prepared for any match, perfect for stashing a spare ball or your essentials.

Join us as we explore a variety of choices that are sure to meet the needs of every pickleball enthusiast, from beginners to seasoned pros.

Get ready to hit the court in gear that’s as practical as it is stylish!

A good pickleball skirt or skort is essential for any player. These garments improve your appearance on the court and enhance comfort and functionality during games.

The choice between a skirt and a skort often boils down to personal preference, but for optimal comfort and practicality, a skort is an excellent choice. Thanks to its built-in shorts, it provides the necessary freedom of movement for quick sprints and lateral moves.

BALEAF Women’s Pickleball Skort with Pockets

The BALEAF Women’s Knee Length Pickleball Skort is a great choice if you’re looking for a comfortable, good-looking, and modest-fitting pickleball skort.

Buy if:

  • You want a comfortable, breathable fabric for play.
  • You need a skirt with multiple large pockets.
  • You prefer skirts with integrated shorts for secure play.

Don’t Buy if:

  • You prefer shorter athletic wear.
  • Ruffles don’t suit your taste.
  • You’re looking for vibrant color options.

The BALEAF Women’s Knee Length Pickleball Skort is a stellar choice for players prioritizing comfort and style. Its blend of polyester and spandex ensures you move freely, hitting those serves with ease.

This skort boasts a knee-length cut for ample coverage that doesn’t sacrifice style. It’s practical too, with three pockets to keep your essentials like balls and keys close.

Quality meets thoughtful design in this skort, from the cool mesh liner to the charming ruffled hem. Plus, its use of recycled polyester makes it as kind to the planet as it is to your game.

Suit up in the BALEAF Skort and enjoy a blend of performance, comfort, and eco-conscious fashion on the court. Whether you’re learning the basics or mastering the serve, this piece is crafted to support every play.

Fulbelle Skort with Pockets

Buy if:

  • You value a dual-layer design for coverage.
  • An adjustable waistband for fit and support is important to you.
  • Multiple pockets for personal items are essential.

Don’t Buy if:

  • You require thick material to hold balls.
  • You want a skirt that stays put at the waist during vigorous activity.
  • You need to fit larger items in the pockets.

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and flexibility with the Fulbelle Pickleball Skort, crafted from 92% polyester and 8% spandex for a fit that moves with you.

Built-in shorts with anti-slip silicone strips ensure coverage and stay put for every lunge and sprint.

Adjust to your comfort with the flat-wide elastic waistband, and use the three convenient pockets to stash your essentials securely on the go.

Kimmery Women’s Pickleball Skort with Pockets

The Kimmery Women’s Pickleball Skort with Pocket is a great option for pickleball players who want a skort with color and patterns.

Buy if:

  • You prefer lightweight and breathable attire.
  • A 2-in-1 design with built-in shorts for ease of movement is a priority.
  • You need a side pocket for small essentials.

Don’t Buy if:

  • You’re looking for thicker material.
  • You favor longer skirt lengths.

Step onto the court in style with the Kimmery Women’s Pickleball Skort with Pocket, a versatile piece that’s as suitable for game day as it is for everyday wear.

Enjoy unmatched comfort with the wide elastic waistband and express your style with five unique patterns to choose from.

For comfort that doesn’t compromise on functionality, the Kimmery Women’s Athletic Tennis Skort with Pocket is an excellent pick for your pickleball adventures.

HEAD Women’s Pickleball Skort with Ball Pocket

The HEAD Women’s Pickleball Skort with Ball Pocket is a stylish and functional option with a built-in ball pocket for convenience during gameplay.

Buy if:

  • You need compression shorts with a pocket for balls.
  • A waistband that stays in place during activity is essential.
  • Comfortable seams for extended wear appeal to you.

Don’t Buy if:

  • You are between sizes; you may need to size down.
  • You plan to carry a large phone in your pocket.

The HEAD Women’s Pickleball Skort with Ball Pocket is a fusion of performance and convenience. It is tailored for intense matches and has lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that ensures you stay cool and dry.

Integrated compression shorts offer added coverage and support, complemented by a handy ball pocket for easy access mid-game.

A snug waistband that moves with you and smooth seams for all-day comfort make this skort a top pick for any pickleball enthusiast seeking a blend of comfort and utility.

BALEAF Ladies Pickleball Skort with Pockets

BALEAF Ladies Pickleball Skort with Pockets is a versatile skort with built-in shorts and multiple pockets, offering convenience and functionality for active women.

Buy if:

  • You want opaque, flexible shorts for movement.
  • A silicone leg band for a secure fit matters to you.
  • You require three pockets, including one with a zipper for large phones.

Don’t Buy if:

  • You often face sizing issues; this skirt tends to run small.
  • You’re concerned about zipper longevity.
  • You participate in high-impact sports.

The BALEAF Ladies Pickleball Skort blends comfort with durability, thanks to its polyester and spandex composition. It features a 3.5-inch wide waistband that provides tummy control while ensuring freedom of movement.

Available in black, pink, and white, and in sizes from small to XXL, there’s a fit for every athlete.

This skort is a solid choice for various activities, offering built-in shorts for flexibility and three pockets for convenience.

Remember to consult the sizing chart to find your perfect fit, especially if you’re planning to engage in dynamic sports

Dona Jo Pleated Pickleball Skort

The Dona Jo Official JoJo Women Skirt is a fashionable and functional skirt designed for active women, offering comfort and style during sports activities.

Buy if:

  • You require a skirt with an active-friendly length.
  • A secure, adjustable waistband is a must.
  • You want sportswear that doubles for casual wear.

Don’t Buy if:

  • An adjustable waistband is a must-have for your sportswear.
  • You value an easy return process.

Hit the court confidently in the Dona Jo Official JoJo Women Skirt, where style meets functionality. Its premium fabric guarantees comfort and the freedom to move.

The skirt’s elastic waistband promises a secure fit, and the length is just right for active play without sacrificing coverage.

Designed for the fashion-forward athlete, this skirt is a must-have for anyone keen on combining performance with a standout look. Whether at a pickleball match or other sports, the Dona Jo Skirt is crafted to elevate your game.

Pickleball Bella Pickleball Skort

The Pickleball Bella Pickleball Skort is a stylish and functional option for pickleball players. It features an A-line silhouette, attached compression shorts with Coolmax lining, and four convenient pockets.

Buy if:

  • You need attached shorts with moisture control.
  • A secure, comfortable waistband is a priority.
  • Versatility for sport and daily wear is essential.

Don’t Buy if:

  • You’re looking for a more economical choice.
  • You want a variety of color options.

Stride onto the pickleball court with the Pickleball Bella Pickleball Skort, where fashion meets optimal functionality. This skort’s A-Line cut flatters while you play, and the built-in Coolmax-lined shorts support every move.

Four pockets are tucked into this skort, ready to keep your essentials secure so you can stay focused on the game.

Embrace versatility with a skort designed for the court’s demands and everyday elegance. The Pickleball Bella Pickleball Skort is a testament to style and substance for every level of pickleball play.

Finding the Best Pickleball Skirts & Skorts with Pockets

Selecting the perfect pickleball skort with pockets is straightforward with these key considerations:

Material Matters:
Opt for durable, high-quality materials like polyester, spandex, or nylon. These fabrics offer the dual benefits of breathability and moisture-wicking, keeping you cool during the most intense plays.

Fit for the Win:
A great fit is crucial. Ensure your skort hugs your waist and hips comfortably without restricting movement. Skirts with elastic waistbands or drawstrings provide a customizable fit, while the right length keeps you focused on the game, not your outfit.

Pockets – The Game Changer:
Pockets are essential for carrying balls, keys, and phones. Seek out skorts with deep and secure pockets, or even hidden ones for extra safety.

Style Your Play:
Express yourself with the skirt’s style. Whether you prefer solid colors or bold patterns, select a design that suits your personality and fits your body type. Skorts with integrated shorts or leggings offer extra support.

Quick Picks Checklist:

  • Material: Choose stretchy, breathable fabric.
  • Fit: Look for comfortable waistbands and a good range of motion.
  • Pockets: Prioritize practicality with spacious, secure pockets.

In summary, the right skirt or skort with pockets can make a big difference in your game, providing convenience, comfort, and style. skort you are buying sits in the right place for you.

In wrapping up our roundup of the best pickleball skirts and skorts with pockets for 2023, it’s clear that personal preference plays a pivotal role.

My top pick is the BALEAF Women’s Knee Length Skort, which combines comfort, coverage, and practicality for those who prefer a longer cut.

Meanwhile, the Fulbelle Pickleball Skort wins favor for its variety of patterns and the feel of its fabric, catering to those who prioritize aesthetics and tactile satisfaction.

Ultimately, the best pickleball skirt or skort aligns with your individual style, play, and comfort needs.

Whether the BALEAF’s modesty or the Fulbelle’s flair appeals, your choice will carry you confidently from serve to match point.

Embrace the game with style and the assurance that your essentials are tucked away safely. This will let you focus on what truly matters—the joy of the game.

FAQ – Best Pickleball Skirts & Skorts with Pockets

Is a pickleball skirt the same as a tennis skirt?

A pickleball skirt and a tennis skirt or skort are sometimes the same, but there are skirts made specifically for pickleball that are designed to hold a pickleball ball instead of a tennis ball. However, most pickleball and tennis skirts are the same, with inner shorts and pockets of athletic, sweat-wicking material. Well-known athletic brands such as Fila make some of the best tennis skirts.

What is the best fabric for pickleball skorts?

The best fabric for pickleball skorts is moisture-wicking, flexible for ease of movement, and comfortable to wear.

Can pickleball skirts and skorts with pockets affect my performance on the court?

Absolutely. The right pickleball skirt or skort can enhance your performance by ensuring comfort and allowing for a full range of motion. Pockets are convenient for carrying personal items and provide quick access to extra balls, reducing interruptions during play.

How do I choose the right pickleball skirt or skort size when shopping online?

To select the right size, measure your waist and hips and compare them to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer. Consider the fit you prefer—snug or loose—and read customer reviews for advice on whether to size up or down.

How do I choose a pickleball skirt or skort for different weather conditions?

For hot weather, opt for skirts and skorts made from lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you cool and dry. In cooler conditions, consider thicker materials or styles with longer cuts. Some skorts come with UV protection which is beneficial for outdoor play in sunny weather.

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