Pickleball Rules

20 Pickleball Rules: How To Play Pickleball (2023)

If you’re new to pickleball you might be finding it a bit confusing trying to keep all the rules straight. While there are some fairly standard rules, there are definitely some that are unique to pickleball. The purpose of this article is to provide you with a good understanding of 7 pickleball rules that are less familiar to many players but important if you want to take your pickleball game to the next level.

pickleball scoring

Pickleball Scoring

Pickleball Scoring Rules 9 Must-Know Pickleball Scoring Rules Pickleball Serving Rules: To Help You Better Understand Pickleball Scoring Understanding how serving works in pickleball is extremely important in helping you understand pickleball scoring.  The explanation below is for a doubles game which is slightly different from singles pickleball. Learn more about pickleball singles rules and …

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pickleball singles strategy

Pickleball Singles Strategy

Pickleball Singles Strategy Most players are familiar with playing pickleball with a partner but did you know that playing pickleball singles – without a partner can not only be a good challenge but can also help you improve some of your skills for playing doubles pickleball. And although playing a pickleball singles game and a …

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what is stacking in pickleball

What is Stacking in Pickleball?

What is Stacking in Pickleball? Stacking in pickleball is the positioning of players so they’re best situated to hit their strongest shots toward the middle of the court. This doubles team strategy keeps team members on their preferred side of the court so they can hit the ball with their dominant hand. In a doubles …

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