Exclusive Onix Pickleball Paddles Review: Discover Elite Choices for Every Player in 2023!

Are you looking to up your game with some top-notch pickleball gear? If so, our in-depth Onix Pickleball Paddles Review for 2023 is just what you need!

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced player, Onix has something to offer that can help improve your play. This guide provides detailed insights into the durability, design, and performance of various Onix paddles, catering to players at all skill levels.

So, if you’re a court seeker, a pickleball enthusiast, or just curious about upgrading your gear, read on to find out how Onix paddles can serve your needs perfectly on the court.

Onix is arguably one of the most successful pickleball paddle manufacturers in the sport.

The Nomex core, graphite, and composite faces are rugged, hard-wearing materials that provide the paddles with both awesome power and control.

These characteristics are carried through to the rest of the range, with the Evoke Pro being a great example of what can be achieved through innovation and the use of the latest materials and technology.

The range is split into categories for beginners to professional-level players.

Onix Pickleball Paddles for Advanced Players

Designed for the competitive spirit, the Onix Evoke Pro advanced-level paddle marries durability with dynamic power, perfect for aggressive groundstrokes and volleys across the court.

Buy if:

  • Precision is a priority for shot accuracy.
  • Enhanced spin is desired.
  • Power plays are part of your strategy.

Don’t Buy if:

  • Heavy or frequent play is expected, which may lead to quick wear.
  • A standard handle grip is preferred.

The Onix Evoke Pro‘s polymer core stands out, providing exceptional control and the ability to counteract powerful shots with pinpoint precision.

Paddle Surface & Core

Innovative technology forms the core of this paddle, ensuring peak performance for both power drives and finesse near the net.

The fiberglass face, once familiar, allows for deft dinks and high-arcing lobs while maintaining a gentle touch for those strategic plays.


Championed by pros, this paddle has proven its mettle in tournaments, offering a blend of forceful strikes and manageable control. Its construction effectively reduces vibration and its textured surface enhances spin, making every shot count.

Fit & Look

The tennis-inspired grip might feel unique at first, but it’s crafted for adaptability and a refined hold. With a broad sweet spot, precision is key to harnessing the paddle’s full potential.

Available in 13 vibrant patterns and colors, it stands out in both performance and style.

Onix Evoke Premier

Engineered for optimal performance, the Onix Evoke Premier paddle strikes the perfect balance between might and maneuverability.

Buy if:

  • You seek control and a solid feel.
  • Power and reach are important.

Don’t Buy if:

  • You worry about wear and dead spots.
  • You expect high durability.

Onix Evoke Premier‘s composite face is sleek yet effective, enhancing both contact softness and spin potential.

At its core lies robust polypropylene, providing the thrust players crave along with the finesse to manage the game’s pace. The expansive 8-inch face promises a sweet spot that boosts confidence with every shot.

Paddle Surface & Core

With a refined DF composite fiberglass face, this paddle boasts a surface that’s primed for spin. The sleek edge guard complements its aerodynamics, minimizing drag and evenly distributing the impact of vigorous volleys, offering a consistent stroke every time.


The polypropylene core’s enhanced thickness delivers a tangible edge in touch and power, making it ideal for assertive groundstrokes. This paddle doesn’t sacrifice subtlety for strength; it’s built to finesse the ball just as well as it can drive it home.

Fit & Look

The paddle’s heft and length, stretching a full 16 inches with an 8-inch width, give players an upper hand, especially for those high-reach and baseline plays. Its tennis-inspired handle ensures a secure two-handed grip for controlled, powerful plays.

Tailored for the intermediate to advanced player, this paddle is a true competitor’s choice for improving their game.

Onix Voyager

The Onix Voyager paddle is a gem for intermediate to advanced players, offering a robust core for those who mean business on the court.

Buy if:

  • Precision and control matter.
  • You want vibration reduction.

Don’t Buy if:

  • An unconventional grip design bothers you.
  • You dislike a learning curve for balance.

Onix Voyager stands out in the Onix lineup as a prime choice for those who equate value with versatile power.

Paddle Surface & Core

The graphite surface of this paddle is a game-changer, offering unparalleled control and the capability to impart significant spin. The Onix reputation for quality is embodied in its responsive sweet spot, small yet mighty.


Precision is the name of the game with this paddle. Its heft aids in spin control and effortlessly handles the force of incoming balls. A brief adjustment period unlocks a superior feel and mastery over vibrations.

Fit & Look

The unique grip might divide opinions but offers an undeniable edge once acclimatized. With a little patience, the grip’s distinct design promotes an unmatched connection with the paddle, setting the stage for long-term play and reluctant switches.

Onix Pickleball Paddles for Intermediate Players

Onix Evoke XL

Perfect for beginners, the Onix Evoke XL paddle boasts a generous sweet spot and lightweight design for effortless play.

Buy if:

  • You value a generous sweet spot and tactile feedback.
  • Affordability is key.

Don’t Buy if:

  • You prefer heavier paddles.
  • Comfort in grip is a priority.

Onix Evoke XL‘s adept balance of power and control comes from a polypropylene core that absorbs vibration, making it ideal for those starting and looking to improve their game swiftly.

Paddle Surface & Core

The Onix signature honeycomb polypropylene core offers a reliable and powerful response, which is ideal for newcomers to the sport. Its broad face forgives less-than-perfect accuracy, helping new players build confidence on the court.


Striking a fine balance, this paddle provides both power for robust shots and control for subtle net play. Its design encourages precision, enhancing the success of every hit, whether it’s a forceful drive or a delicate lob.

Fit & Look

With a longer handle, this paddle suits players who prefer a two-handed grip or have larger hands. It promotes consistency in play from the baseline to the non-volley zone, all while featuring a stylish design that stands out on the court.

Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Ideal for beginners, the Onix Z5 Graphite widebody paddle offers the perfect mix of accuracy and power without being too heavy.

Buy if:

  • You want a large sweet spot and power.
  • Comfort and low cost are priorities.

Don’t Buy if:

  • You find heavy paddles unwieldy.
  • Vibration dampening and ball controls are concerns.

Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Paddle features a broad sweet spot, which significantly reduces miss-hits and a sturdy, responsive graphite face for longevity.

Paddle Surface & Core

The paddle’s graphite face is textured for those who thrive on adding spin to their shots. Its Nomex core is known for its pop and durability, ensuring a paddle that not only performs with precision but also withstands rigorous play.


This paddle excels in feel, adeptly handling both powerful smashes and gentle volleys. The honeycomb core and graphite face work together to offer a lightweight yet powerful experience, allowing players to vary their shots’ speed and spin effortlessly.

Fit & Look

With a slim grip and a wide face, the paddle is accessible to players of all hand sizes and strengths. Available in a variety of vibrant colors and designs, it’s as much about personal expression as it is about performance.

Onix Z5 Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle 

Sporting a classic wide-body shape and an ample sweet spot, the Onix Z5 Fiberglass Pickleball paddle is a nod to traditional design with a modern twist.

Buy if:

  • You’re seeking power and control.
  • A big sweet spot is essential.
  • Affordability matters.

Don’t Buy if:

  • You prefer a lighter paddle.
  • You need a ready-to-use grip.
  • You’re a beginner needing easy ball control.

Onix Z5 Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle‘s noticeable Z-graphic is not just for show; it’s a mark of quality that even pros acknowledge in tournament play.

This paddle brings extra heft over its graphite counterpart, offering the power needed for decisive overheads and baseline drives. It’s the go-to for that extra bit of fineship near the net.

Paddle Surface & Core

The paddle’s weightier feel, courtesy of its fiberglass face and Nomex core, translates into powerful strikes that seasoned players love. The rugged surface of the paddle is primed for those craving spin without sacrificing durability and response.


Its solid construction ensures each hit is both felt and heard, with a resonance that speaks of power. The Onix Z5’s broad face ensures control is maintained, providing an impressive balance between power and playability.

Fit & Look

With its longstanding presence in the game, the paddle comes in over ten color options, ensuring both style and substance. Its handle, though on the slender side, can be easily customized for grip, accommodating a wide range of players.

This paddle stays true to its original form, favoring function and familiarity over fleeting trends.

Onix Pickleball Paddles for Beginners

Onix Stryker 4 Graphite and Composite Paddle

The Onix 4 Graphite and Composite Paddles are beginner-friendly and strike a perfect balance between affordability and functionality.

Buy if:

  • You want a large sweet spot and agility.
  • Quality and performance are your focus.

Don’t Buy if:

  • You prefer a standard grip.
  • You’re budget-conscious.

While the Onix Stryker 4 Composite Paddle feels more substantial and powerful, the Onix Stryker 4 Graphite Paddle excels with enhanced spin control, and both are priced under $100 for an incredible value.

Paddle Surface & Core

Featuring a polypropylene core, these paddles offer a forgiving sweet spot crucial for boosting beginners’ confidence. The graphite paddle’s textured face allows for better spin, while both provide solid feedback on various shots.


Both paddles deliver the satisfaction of powerful shots with commendable control. Whether it’s the composite’s strength or the graphite’s finesse, players can enjoy a blend of might and maneuverability.

Fit & Look

With a nod to tennis in their grip design, these paddles may require a brief adaptation period. They manage moisture well, absorb vibrations effectively, and come in understated pastel tones, offering a stylish yet practical choice for new enthusiasts of the sport.

Onix Pickleball Balls & Accessories

Onix stands out in the pickleball world and is celebrated for the quality of its balls. The Onix G2 has become a staple, trusted by players for both indoor and outdoor games, demonstrating its versatility and resilience.

Moreover, the Onix Pure 2 outdoor ball is a crowd favorite, renowned for its durability and performance. It’s not just a ball; it’s a piece of the game’s history that has consistently delivered year after year.

As we conclude our Onix Pickleball Paddles Review, it’s clear that Onix’s commitment to quality and innovation continues to serve every level of pickleball player.

For advanced players, the Onix Evoke Pro is unmatched in its class, offering both power and precision.

Intermediate players can find their match in the Onix Evoke XL, which blends control and comfort seamlessly.

And for those just stepping onto the court, the Onix Stryker 4 Graphite and Composite Paddle provides an accessible entry point without sacrificing quality.

No matter your skill level or playing style, Onix has engineered a paddle to help you excel on the court in 2023 and beyond.

Onix Pickleball Paddles Review – FAQs

What is the warranty policy for Onix pickleball paddles?

Onix provides a warranty for their pickleball paddles that covers manufacturer and workmanship defects. Here are the specifics:
Performance & Intermediate Paddles: 1-year warranty from the date of purchase, only valid for the original owner with a receipt.
Recreational Paddles: 90-day warranty from the date of purchase, requires proof of purchase.
Accessory Items: 90-day limited warranty from the date of purchase, receipt needed.
Exclusions: The warranty does not cover normal wear, abuse, negligence, modifications, or fading graphics.
Claim Process: To claim, provide proof of purchase, contact Onix, and follow their claim instructions.

Can Onix pickleball paddles be used in official tournaments?

Yes, Onix pickleball paddles are approved for use in official tournaments by the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA). They meet all the specifications required for tournament play, making them a popular choice among competitive players.

What’s better, fiberglass or graphite, for pickleball paddles?

Fiberglass paddles are better if you’re looking for a paddle that has more power. Typically you’ll find more power playing with a fiberglass pickleball paddle. If you want a pickleball paddle that allows you to play with more control and fitness, then try a graphite pickleball paddle.

Are Onix paddles customizable, and if so, what options are available for customization?

Onix offers several customization options for their pickleball paddles:
Custom Paddle Builder: Use the tool on Onix’s website to select paddle models, colors, grips, and edge guards.
Grip Options: Choose from various grip sizes and materials to match your comfort and play style.
Color Choices: Select from multiple color options for the paddle face and edge guards.
Personalization: Add custom text or graphics to make your paddle unique.
These options allow players to tailor their paddles to their specific preferences and style.

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